Amazon International Property Management

In Taiwan, we have rich professional knowledge and efficient teamwork on property management, real estate, security management, and the Internet of Things. We are trusted and praised by all walks of life.

We have a forward-thinking approach and a strong focus on customer relationships, in order to become a leader in the property management market, with a professional, dedicated, responsible, active and innovative professional team to achieve the mission of the customer.

We deeply understand that corporate responsibility is a necessary condition for successful global companies. It is also an indispensable element for trusting brands. Upholding the belief, strictly abiding by the law, attaching importance to employees, listening to customers' needs, and fulfilling the core policy are the most important value factors in the group. Regardless of the development of property management, Amazon International Property attaches great importance to the value of humanities, enriched education and training, and the spirit of cooperation, to achieve the highest professional
Systema Spetsnaz

2015 Royal Rangers and preservation: "" Wolf "Aeroflot personal safety Combat Training Center in Taiwan Division" cooperation of the Ministry chief instructor: Huang Junda (Vincent) as the preservation of the company's technical adviser and executive training department instructors!

And the establishment of a Russian military combat training center in New Taipei City and region! Preservation of its members in full swing in Russia Wushu military training.