Building System Management
Building refers to commercial office building, factory building...

In the management of buildings, AMAZON-RANGER system can be planned to be divided into

Energy Management
Power Management
Air-conditioning system
Security System Management
Access control systems
Fire alarm system
Attendance Management
CCTV systems
Parking Management

And use the system function of the central monitoring system to integrate different management interfaces into the same operating platform, and expand the cloud, which is convenient for security monitoring personnel to operate and manage.

Building automation system management takes Energy Management and Security System Management as the main requirements

A. Energy Management

   1.Power Systems:
    (1) Power Supply System Monitoring
    (2) Power monitoring emergency power system
    (3) Monitoring of transformer operation
    (4) Water and wastewater system monitoring
    (5) Drainage system monitoring

   2.Air conditioning systems:
    (1)Chiller monitoring
    (2)Ice water pump cooling water pump. Heat pump monitoring
    (3)Temperature and humidity monitoring
    (4)Fan monitoring
    (5) Cooling Tower Monitoring
    (6) Boilers heat pump monitoring

   3.Lighting outlet:Control of lighting circuits

B. Security System Management

   1.Regional personnel access control access control execution timing.
   2.Act in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Fire-type or P-type configuration R Fire Alarm Management System.
   3.Set the closed-circuit surveillance system in an important position, and out of the case records staff.  

C. Attendance Management

Combined with the access control card or fingerprint system, the personnel attendance management is managed by the computer.

D. Parking Management

Combined with the access control system, the vehicle is controlled to enter and exit.

E. Customized management

AMAZON-RANGER system can be designed according to the needs of the owner to meet the safety control effect of the on-site equipment. For example, the owner's office can plan the anti-theft system. When the burglary signal is generated, the computer screen of the central control room of the building immediately jumps out of the burglar alarm position, and the on-site security immediately handles it. It is not necessary to send a police signal to the general security system company, and then send people to the subject matter, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces losses.
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