Home Security Systems
AMAZON-RANGER security management combines security system and intelligent cloud management to make your home safe and comfortable.

Security setting
The safety technology security system makes the home safer and more comfortable. The cloud device can transmit the burglary alarm message notification directly to the mobile phone.

Image surveillance
Use IP camera to monitor your home and surrounding environment at any time. The line-free QR Code can be used to directly plug in the power supply and use it immediately. It will not damage the home decoration and move the monitoring environment at any time.

Remote remote control smart socket
Through smart plug-in, plug in the home appliance equipment (such as air-conditioning, audio and other equipment) to plug in and out, you can operate home security and smart electrical equipment on your computer or mobile phone.

Green energy series
It is an energy-saving scheme designed for air conditioners and lighting power plants with the highest energy consumption in residential buildings. Through the communication and platform demand management and power monitoring, the owners can easily control the electricity consumption and save operating costs.

Smart Microgrid Management System
The intelligent control panel uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing technology in the field of energy management, and integrates with general commercial, household, and light industrial electric panels to form a complete and intelligent microgrid management solution. And through the end of the switch, socket and other end power control machine integration, to achieve complete power safety and power efficiency goals.
IOT (Internet of Things)
Commercial Security Systems
Tech Plant Safety Systems
Building Energy Manager System
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