Commercial Security Systems
1. Security system:
Set or cancel individual security for different areas of work and characteristics.

2. Cloud Power Management System:
With power monitoring, electricity query, history, remote monitoring, pattern analysis, contract capacity management, cloud management.

3. Cloud Air Conditioning Management System:

Directly control the air conditioner, ice water main unit, indoor temperature, and schedule management with a mobile phone or a lithographic computer.

4. Cloud Image Monitoring System:
Through the on-site complete monitoring system planning, and store the video screen in the cloud, you can monitor the live video and access the data at any time by using the account number and password.

5. Active intelligent video surveillance system:
The video discrimination system developed by CV Computer Vision technology unitizes the picture, analyzes and compares the changes of pixels in each small unit, and then through a specific algorithm. Judging to monitor whether the object is moving or moving, and determining whether to trigger the warning signal according to whether the degree of change reaches a preset detection condition. Safety-related applications - motion detection, item loss or displacement detection, object tracking, pyrotechnic detection, vehicle identification, illegal detention, facial recognition, etc. Non-safety related applications - personnel counting, remnant detection, area alarms, area alarms

6. Access Control Visitor System:
Combine card permissions and access control.

7. Biometric system:
Provide high-end biometric systems based on customer specific security needs. Iris Identification System Photographic Fingerprint System Palm Recognition System Portrait Recognition System

8. Videoconferencing system:
 Through the cloud platform management, integrate different brands of videoconferencing products and equipment to conduct long-distance meetings on the same cloud platform.

9. Network Communication System:
 Establishing high-performance, high-reliability and scalable network applications is our goal to supply customers.

The information integration solution we provide includes the following equipment:
a. Wireless network equipment
b. Regional / WAN equipment (Regional / WAN equipment)
c. Video conferencing system
d. Information firewall device
e. router devices (routers)
f. Network Switches

10. Telecommunications equipment system:
Provide telecom lines and VoIP network integration to achieve maximum savings

11. Green Energy Series:
It is an energy-saving scheme designed for the air conditioners and lighting power stores with the highest energy consumption of merchants. Through the communication and platform demand management and power monitoring, the owners can easily control the electricity consumption and save operating costs.

12. Green Energy Products:
Provide T5, LED lighting products, 24-hour parking sensor LED system planning.

13. EAS Commodity Theft Prevention System:
Use an electronic signal (soft label or hard label) to put or put it into the product. When the product is in the process of checkout, the counter will degauss the electronic signal. If the product is not degaussed through the counter, it will be placed in the exit detection. The antenna will be triggered by this electronic signal to generate an alarm for high-priced product safety planning.
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