Tech Plant Safety Systems
1. Security system:
Set or cancel individual security for different areas of work and characteristics.

2 graphic security control system

Provide high-efficiency graphic control system, which can combine anti-theft system and access control system, infrared wall detection system and emergency help system in one computer to graphically display emergency situations, so that monitors do not need to look at the signal indicator directly. The computer alarm jump screen immediately displays the tight position. Allows the on-site security personnel to quickly arrive at the dispatch location for processing.

3. Customized security system
A dedicated safety system is specifically designed for plant safety needs. For example, the planning and construction of the central monitoring center and the war situation center of the plant, the plan control system planning of the patrol security guard, the planning of the thermal sensing system for the wall detection of the plant, the planning of the outdoor electronic virtual wall, the monitoring system, and the access control system.

4. Very early fire warning system

Alarm signals are generated in a timely manner during the fire brewing period to provide more time to control the development of the fire. The detection principle of the fire early warning system relies on the internal pump of the host machine. The air sample is pumped back into the host through the extension of the sampling line for analysis and comparison. When the concentration of smoke in the air reaches a certain level, the system will immediately issue an alarm.

5. Liquid leak detection system

The liquid leakage detector uses a sensing capability throughout the entire sensing cable. It can be quickly and efficiently detected by touching any point on the sensing line no matter where the liquid leaks. And effectively detect the micro-leakage of water, acid-base liquid and oil in the early stage, and cooperate with the liquid-leak detection host to connect a plurality of liquid-leakage detection cables with digital wafers, and also obtain multi-point liquid leakage on a single circuit. Each liquid leak position information.

6. Personnel goods vehicle security control system
Safety inspection equipment such as metal detector doors, hand-held metal detectors, security X-ray machines, three-fork machines, conveyor belt platforms, etc. are used to establish security inspection gate passages.

7. Cloud power management system:
The power management of the plant has real-time power monitoring, electricity inquiry, historical records, remote monitoring, pattern analysis, contract capacity management, and cloud management.

8. Cloud Air Conditioning Management System:
Directly control the air conditioning, ice water main unit, indoor temperature and schedule management of the plant area with a mobile phone or a flat computer.

9. Cloud Image Monitoring System:
Through the on-site complete monitoring system planning, and store the video screen in the cloud, you can monitor the live video and access the data at any time by using the account number and password.

10. Green Energy Products
Planning lighting equipment such as LED street lights, patio lights, office T5 lights, and inductive light control.

11 cloud heat pump hot water system
Plan cloud management control of heat pump hot water system in factory and dormitory areas.

12 treasury control area linkage management system

Planned treasury control security zone linked to the remote control of remote control.

13 cloud water management system

Plan the management of tap water usage in the plant.
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