IOT (Internet of Things)
ROYAL RANGER IOT (Internet of Things)

can bring ubiquitous devices and facilities, including sensors with "intrinsic intelligence", mobile terminals, building control systems, home intelligence facilities, video surveillance systems, etc. And "Enabled by Enabled", such as RFID-attached assets (Assets), individuals and vehicles carrying wireless terminals, etc., "smart parts or animals" or "Mote" (Mote) Various wireless and/or wired long-distance and/or short-range communication networks, as well as cloud-based SaaS operations, in intranet, extranet, and Internet environments Appropriate information security mechanism, providing real-time online monitoring, location and traceability, alarm linkage, dispatching command, plan management, remote control, security defense, remote maintenance, online upgrade, property statistics report, decision support And management and service functions to achieve "efficiency, energy saving, safety, and environmental protection" for "everything" (everything) "TaaS integration services.
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