Building Energy Manager System
The building facilities of the high-performance building must consider green energy and convenience management. We provide advanced building energy management systems and transform and distribute lighting, lighting, elevators, air conditioning, heating, water supply and drainage, and energy use in buildings or buildings. Energy-saving management implements centralized monitoring, allowing security personnel to immediately grasp the situation on the computer screen by means of a graphic representation, called BEMS (Building Energy Manager System), which can transmit live data through the network in addition to on-site security personnel monitoring. In the cloud, the management user uses the DEVIVE computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. to monitor the status of the building to reach the usage level and management layer. The two-level security management is more secure.
AMAZON-RANGER SYSTEM Another transformation of the electrical equipment cloud system for historic buildings, the migration of network points to the equipment side, the delivery of equipment data to the cloud computing management through the network, the on-site building does not require a lot of money to rebuild equipment and build the center console The owner only needs to manage and operate the building equipment through the account and password.
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